Extremely Low energy use:

Up to 90% less heating/cooling energy use, 60-80% overall energy savings

High Quality Indoor Air:

Controlled ventilation for a continuous, consistent supply of fresh air

Comfortable Indoor Temperatures:

20ºC/68ºF (no setbacks) in winter, night cooling in summer

Operational and Construction Savings:

Vastly reduced utility bills; elimination of conventional HVAC system; much smaller solar systems required to reach zero energy; durable, tight building shell for lower maintenance, etc.

Proven Sustainability:

15,000+ buildings worldwide, some zero and even positive energy. 25 year track record.

Helping the Earth:

With buildings contributing 30% of all greenhouse gases, Passive Houses are exponentially friendlier to the environment because of their minimal energy & fossil fuel consumption.  They also consider the C02 and embodied energy characteristics of all it’s selected building materials.  Passive Houses meet the challenge today!